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Default Re: SurreaL vs Eric Unseen (RO)

This kid trying battle me?,his hardest line couldn't shatter me,
I'll fuck up his anatomy dramticly, it's how it had to be,
you thought you're dope?, you not even a half a key,
and all that shit you yelling, called emcee blasphemy,
I'll lay you on the track, you just another casualty,
trying to ignite a fire, you can't even strike a match to me.
you want puchline's?, well it's lunchtime, time to eat,
soaking up the battle, I'll leave you soaking in defeat.
you scared to death, with a word and breath, I'll strike,
you lookin for the battle, but i'm looking for a fight.
Ignite set it right, walk the path and do the math,
throwing weak rhyme's in my direction, now feel my wraith .
don't even try to throw a vocal hook, kid you suck,
I spit .44 rhyme callibre shell's while you try to duck.
but you got clipped, ripped, bag'd up and then shipped,
put in the ground 6 feet under just cause you slipped.
throw up you're dagger, and just try the feat to beat me,
but I swing sword's with the element, you'll never defeat me.

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