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BambinoTTT EgWest drunken mastaBambinoTTT EgWest drunken masta

ey yo, your whole style's generic, where d'you inherit the whackness?/
you need to stop starin at faggots and using carrots for practice/
homie i'll slap you in a figure four, Greg the Hammer Valentine/
Ballentine's bottle to your nostrils tryin' to challenge mine/
the nine wit infra beam'll flash, blast and let it lean ya fast/
you'll see him dash, penis shaft and balls tucked between his ass/
eradicate this phony, watch me truly diss him proper/
i'll leave this stooley pissin' vodka through his Stewie Griffin boxers/
for thinkin' shit is sweet, now I'm crashin' the party y'all/
you still sit on Santa's lap,... and ask him for barbie dolls/
so grab a razor, kill yourself, and do your dad a favour/
think ya hard?, I bet you look like little Lucious from Gladiator/
candy ass, your whole flow is edible thongs/
your headable moms be blowin', givin' head to the don/
for medical chron, you thinkin' the story's exaggerated?/
backshots, I'll leave her pussyhole more than eradicated!

ey yo my bad for the wait, really busy these past few weeks, but let's keep it going, feeding allowed as of now, and if anything i'm down to make this a 3 round battle, lemme know 1
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