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Default Re: Method Man - Tical

01 : Tical | What's that shit that they be smokin'? TICAAAAL!! TICAAAAL! | 5/5
02 : Biscuits | Crrraaazy beat by The RZA, you don't hear beats like this no more | 5/5
03 : Bring The Pain ft. Booster | Method Man's best song ever? Could be. | 6(!)/5
04 : All I Need | I like the original version better than the Puffy Remix. | 5/5
05 : What The Blood Clot | Another banger, but not quite as good as the 4 first tracks. | 4/5
06 : Meth Vs. Chef ft. Raekwon | Ill, crazy track with rhymes going back'n'forth between Meth and Chef. | 5/5
07 : Sub Crazy | This beat is so VIOLENT. I just picture violence in my mind when I hear this song. The beat is so layered and typical for RZA and this album. | 5/5
08 : Release Yo' Delf ft. Blue Raspberry | Listen to the snare on this beat. ILL. Ill beat, crazy lyrics. | 5/5
09 : P.L.O. Style ft. Carlton Fisk | Carlton Fisk up in this shit. Great song, but just not as good as the rest. | 4/5
10 : I Get My Thang In Action | Hmm... somehow I don't remember this track. (I ain't got the CD here with me so I can't hear it) | ?/?
11 : Mr. Sandman ft. RZA, Inspetah Deck, Streetlife, Carlton Fisk & Blue Raspberry | I always laugh when I hear RZA rapping on this beat, you can tell he's high on something. Love it tho. | 4.5/5
12 : Stimulation ft. Blue Raspberry | I miss those collabo's between Wu and B.R. It always ended up in great tracks! | 4.5/5
13 : Method Man (Remix) | Naaah... I've never digged this remix. Feel kinda unecessary. | 2/5
14 : I'll Be There For You/You're All I Need To Get By ft. Mary J. Blige | A great remix, but it can't fuck with the original OR the RZA Remix which contains one of RZA dopest beats. But a great song anyways. | 5/5

Overall: 5/5
A classic album most definately, but it's not really on the same level as OB4CL or Liquid Swords or Ironman. There's only one track I skip, and that's the Method Man Remix. Otherwise every song is dope. Some of RZA's best productions and some of Method Man's best rhymes and songs. A must buy!
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