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you know i always level head, drop him too fuck what this rebel said
Bam's a hell of a guy, and watch me lay him out like Deviled eggs
your whole text style is gay & its not the only thing you lack.
cuz your shits SO far fetch'd...golden retrievers cant bring it back
the E'll murk this guy wit ease, a chumps line, dropped in and chewed
You aint a 'Gangsta', be real, all that sun shine got you confused
often abused.. is certain, i bring enough shit to hurt
and after i beat ur ass, i'll lay back and let SID put those lips to work*
if its Bam's fancy ill shatter a bat over him because im long ancy
leaving pieces of wood embedded so deep it'll Splinter Cells like Tom Clancy
you must take alotta shit, that picture musta killed yer rep online
the good news is you're built like a tank...the bad news? it's the septic kind.
His spits remain underdeveloped, So you know he ain't that raw
I seen both ya rhymes and ya sisters tits and they both need training, bra
don't even read this next punch, bam... this knowledge might curse ya
ya real world 'hood's' all you can brag about online....and vice versa!

* Dusk cleaned up the thread, but before SID was dr'in all over Bam's knob & floodin' the shit out the thread.
so ya you get the picture.

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