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ChristO crouching tiger
Default I'll put' it this way, the yanks wasn't supposed to win
otherwise, how the he'll am I supposed to live
...yeah, doc', you york knew york about my nation
I read slander in your literature like I'd take it
that's why this shit's tucked, swept under the rug
you close to the end, 2o12, sucker's chump
wanna' suppress me, like I was never here?
you ain't leaving outta' south philly that easily
the brothers shoulda' delivered the pussy [P P P] str8 to me
but lucille think he slick, but he's a she to me
feliz caught 'em up, I thought fillies caught up with me
but naw, alex is well, alexis didn't get me
I'm gon' win by every means, lightweight or a heavy team
'til one thousand-pound paper weights can't hold the heavy cream
why would I lie about me when I'm Allah, you doubt me?
right, phillies lost 'cause fillies lost me, you copy?
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