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Default Re: Skateboard ,Surf,Snowboard,wakeboard...and rest

Originally Posted by noel411
Haha, yeah, it's not the easiest thing to do. I'm right into skimboarding right now, which is probably the toughest form of board riding I've tried. Fucken awesome fun though. And I'm not gonna complain, because Australia is a great country for surf, but I really don't get a lot of good surf. A large part of that can be attributed to the fact that I'm an incredibly lazy fuck, and I don't get up 'til 11am at the very earliest, when I don't have to work. So by the time I get up the wind has usually turned onshore, and the surf has gone to shit, haha.

Man, my home computer just completely went to shit, so it looks like I might have to get a new computer. If I do, I'm gonna holla at you for some of those videos, if it's cool. I've been dying to see Dying to Live.
I'm scared of skim boarding... ha ha I should try it though since we do not get as many waves.
Ha ha ha, yea you have to get up early usually here too to get the good waves when it's up.
Man that sucks bad, my computer needs a fresh install, fucking pain. No problem, if anyone wants me to upload some videos I'll do it. I just downloaded this Koston vs. PJ Ladd. It's a pretty damn good game of skate.
Damnit I need a new fucking deck and bearings!! Gosh I tried skating today and just so turns out they are breaking, like you can here the little metal rim holding the bearings in on the outerside, you know how they get loose, I hear that shit clanking around. I had to quit skating today because just that sounds annoyed me.. ha ha This next payment I need to buy a deck for real.
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