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BambinoTTT EgWest drunken mastaBambinoTTT EgWest drunken masta

wanna battle? I'm shittin' on you then I'll box ya fast/
you got...fragile written on you like a box of glass/
I'll send your soul flyin' into space, the infinite void/
you think you 'may weather' the storm?, these punches injurin' Floyd/
your fat sister, she be crazy for the meat like it's Madcow/
pussy can soak the cock, she let me skeet in her ShamWow/
faggot, you'll catch an upper-cut so hard that you'll fly up her kunt/
and then I'll make you eat her out, that's what I call a sucker-punch/
see, I might just slash your neck 'cause I'm a psycho-pathic wreck/
and I heard this trifle faggot wept and cried for Michael Jackson's death/
eradicate your solar system tossin' the astroid/
homie you couldn't 'shyne' if you were rostered wit Badboy/
the Lama wit da ammo, bring the drama to your fammo/
or I can beat your bitch ass like Rihanna in the Lambo/
kid I'm a eat your food 'til there's no butter and toast left/
so you better 'let it go' like Little Brother and Mos Def!

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