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ChristO crouching tiger
Default ether way, well, feel me ether way, but notice where Iím coming from...
so the brothers know this where the Sun is from...
...we closer to the moment of truth, we on to nyc
my name broke down t.o.n.y.c.
Iím all day telling yíall to pay up, if you want a pal [proof aí life]
Iím not living, they still trying aí put down my grounds
is why I spell filly this way Ďcause thatís the horse
a young boss translated my name as the course
that was í98, I heard suhím sounding like
duct tape and rope, never thought it was a joke
that was the business, to remember me?
I think the doctor got a motive, wonít deliver me?
Iím not afraid of the pussy, canít set me up
my name ainít dr. seuss, I ainít aí easy read
I got a piece from a filly, she ainít swallow me
texted ďIím GodĒ and m.c. didnít follow me
you can toss it up in the air if you wannaí, but
as for the years they ainít wannaí listen, Iím onto youíz...
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