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Originally Posted by BambinoTTT EgWest View Post
yeah fam track is dope for real, you speakin that real shit son, keep em comin, Slang Mobb/TTT all fuckin day mothafuckas!!!!!!!!!!
Originally Posted by Slurch Yung View Post
respect beenz
ttt slang mobb kno the deal
M-O-D you already kno
good looks on the feedback 7.


ya, sure just vote for your boys... lol
i know bambino is a great emcee, but there is no way this is one sided, and im not taking anything away from him. good verse bam.

ill count it but please can we get people to vote that can write better than this:

Originally Posted by Slurch Yung View Post
shizz you a bitch get stomped wit ya own tims
beat you to shit yu fresh to be stepped in
shizz get more dick the butter in pens
do you have friends??? tht aint old men-
tht aint been registered faggit for sex offense
yur rap game garbage pass me the trash can
fill it wit more shizz then toilets in skamps crib
its a dam shame how i be conquerin lames
wrap him up in carpet start diggin his grave
i kno he's hurt by life you see the look in his eyes
traumatized by the way his dad touch him at night
in therapy he said he's ashamed of his mom
cuz slang mobb is runnin trains all over the broad
yur ugly cant get no play from fat whores
ya mom wishes she woulda aborted your birth
i smear yu like booger god wiped on the earth
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