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Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread

everyones trippin now cause of me
not my fault their weak minded, whack, and wannabees
i never accused anyone of biting a rhyme, you see
no need to fight, but i'll see em in hell, like they bit off the tree
no im not a serpent, but yall need to deal with me, lol thats for certain
no need for a iron curtain, this partys just begun, and sicka, Skale didnt own or sonned any1
cause i dont know what u bable and talk shit for
is it cause of my views, opinions, thoughts are better then yours?
this shit sounds more like a poem then a fuckin rap
but who cares i got it out with rhymes and facts, go ahead talk some smack Shrap
your a confused kid, i hope u see it your eyes, your jokes, lies wrapped in a disguise
i dont care if your whack or real u bitch, all i know is that im a better person then any dipshit
just let it sink it for a minute, you see i dont want any beef, for what? these teeth were ment for rippin...
...not eating yalls bullshit beefin treats...
its really funny that yall try to put me down, specially with only letters, not a fist or a sound
in my opinoin, yall act like some clowns,specially Shrap dressin like hes black, u should sale that act...
..around town
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