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look man jus cuz we homies aint why i'm voting for him-

i looked both yall verses over mad times. and the second verse is what won it for me it was pretty even until then- E had some real nice bars tho-

the good news is you're built like a tank...the bad news? it's the septic kind.
His spits remain underdeveloped, So you know he ain't that raw
I seen both ya rhymes and ya sisters tits and they both need training, bra

but i was feelin bams punchlines more

I'll send your soul flyin' into space, the infinite void/
you think you 'may weather' the storm?, these punches injurin' Floyd/
your fat sister, she be crazy for the meat like it's Madcow/
pussy can soak the cock, she let me skeet in her ShamWow/

it aint nothing against you man-but yo no need to lash out at me
i dont even remember voting on this-so here

flo- B
consistancy- E
wordplay- tie

respect- stay up

my vote BEENZ
gas masked up kerosene cocktails/
cough syrup warm 40 and my lost spirit../
pray for me holy gohhhhst iss all bad ohh baby oh noo/
an so slow the world spinnin.../
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