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Default yank's and confederates

so, to nyc I t.o.n.y.c. been going to
2o12 Iím the lincí/link, fillies not going thru
Ďtil I gets what I want...yankees got that victory
over my dead body, confederatesí misery
malice wrecked the hood, anthony ainít so well
u.s. chose I hung for they ass, oh well
I ainít merely babbling, Iím battling babble-on
my thread from a sewing kit, aimed at stool pigeons rapping songs
the lost angels wings got nypíd, and then? see they ainít believe me
the brothas canít win if the wombs do not receive me
my tombstone reads, ďclarence, abel, ghengis, davidĒ
ask lucille about it, since hip-hop been the matrix
if Iím wrong, I know one thing, Godís word is perfect
and I got the nyc dc for hoís who deserve it
pardon, how I gotsí to close-in on the sex
as for the beast, try not to speak, just hold yaí breath...
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