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Originally Posted by Sun Tzu, Tha Soul Controllah
i'm sorry, if you've listened to DJ Premier's entire catalog , you wouldn't say this at all. But you new jacks who just started listening to Hip Hop only know the RZA and Wu, so i'd expect you to say something like this. But for real, you should study up before you say anything like this because Premier is faaaaaaaaaaar from mechanical and boring
Not his whole catalog but I've been listening to Premo since Gangstars early albums & to tell you the truth there's some of his beats I like ( dwyck, nas is like, mass appeal, take it personal etc ...)... But come on now, the only album I need to pull out is OB4CL which is a fucking masterpiece, name one Premo produced album that changed the game like OB4CL did?
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