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Default Re: Rap0colipse

I Want All You SoulJa's To Get Yo Loose Ends. Put Em Together On Audio So We Can Reclaim Hip Hop For The People.

I Dont Want Your Tracks But We Could Certainly Build A World Wide Wu CD.

I Got My Own Rhymes To Think About But If You Is Stuck And Cant Express Yourself I Will Aid You To The Best Of My Ability.

"You Know Who You Are"
I Dont Like Disrespect Or Being Corrected. I Will Shoot You If It Needs To Get Sorted. I Just Hope You Hold Your Knee Caps In Higher Regard Than Your Runnin Mouth.
"And We Know Who You Are Also"

I Apreciate All The Encouragment People Have Been Giving Me On NBS, Here, Yahoo. My Peoples On MSN. My Peoples. All My Fuckin Peoples. Throw That Fuckin Fist Up.


"Cliff If You Read This I Want You To Know Theres No Bones About It, My Milita Gots Yo Back. Any Time You Want To Move. We Move With You. Shoot We Shoot With You. Loot We Loot With You. Bleed I Kill For You. Die, Lmfao"
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