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Default Entropy, the Cuban Linx font. (I found it)

I've been wondering what font/typeface was used for the cover of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx ever since I first heard the album. For years, I've searched for it. Multiple people on different forums were looking for it, but no one had any idea what the font was. A few years ago, some guy on this forum found a font that looked similar to the Cuban Linx font, but it wasn't the same shit. So I stopped searching for the font.

Earlier this year, I found this shit on Google maps:,,0,7.63

Look at that shit. That's the fuckin' Cuban Linx font! On a fuckin' gay bar! This lead me to start searching for the font again. I found a font detector online and uploaded a picture of the gay bar. It found the font instantly. It's called "Entropy."

Here it is:

It ain't free, though. I couldn't find it on any warez sites and I doubt anyone actually has it uploaded. I don't give a fuck, I'm just glad I found this shit.


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