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Default Inspectag Deck-Uncontrolled Substance

Okay, this is a dope album that I have wanting to get my mits on for quite some time. This is Deck's own sound, don't buy this expecting any 36 Chambers type shit. To describe decks music, I can only say that it is a mixture of upbeat, rythmitic type tracks (like the track Uncontrolled Substance), eerie bass heavy tracks (like Hyperdemix off the album) and funky laid back tracks like "Trouble Man". This album has some really catchy beats on it and Deck lays down crisp poetry, his voice really compliments the beats on this album.

Deck likes to keep it hood, he is a straight up hood cat. This is very apparent from the album, he raps on the joint Trouble Man that he thought his hood days were over but he's living it deeper than ever before and that he wouldn't change it for a digit. There is less Kung Fu crazyiness than on a Wu album, probably due to the lack of Rza's influence, although the album is all the better for it, portraying Deck's unique sound. Also Deck portrays his rebelliousness very well on his album, straight hood and straight rebel, respect it.

Let's break this shit down, track by track:

1. Movas & Shakers

This is a straight up feel good joint, funky beat, good vocals from Deck, alcohol with crushed ice in the blender is mentioned, last calls for drinks etc, it is all very up beat and partyish. Definately a joint to flick on when you are feeling good.

2. Ninth Chamber

This is quite a dark raw track, featuring Wu affiliates that I have never heard before (please note that is never heard not heard of) La the Darkman, Barretta 9, Killa Sin and the well known Street Life. It is quite a violent track, there are mean sounding verses dropped from each M.C. with a raw stringy beat.

3. Uncontrolled Substance

This is another one of those "feel good" tracks which Deck is so good at. There is a chilled out chorus which compliments Deck's nice high strung style well in this joint making the track sound cheerful and upbeat overall. This track is also what the album is named after. He implies that his music is so good that it's like a drug, this is also backed up by the picture on the back of the C.D. cover with his music all scattered on the hood of the 5-0 car.

4. Femme Fatale

Very nice "trangy" beat on this joint, Deck spits some catchy lines were he describes an attractive female to the listener and what various situations they get into.

5. The Grand Prix

This is a really hyped track were it pictures the Wu members in a race. The concept allows for some really nice descriptive lyrics fom all the members, U-God drops a nice verse mentioning the finer points of going to a car race like the smell of gasoline and motor oil, darting to the finish line with the crowd rawing etc etc. Definately one of the album highlights, nice trumpet in the beat.

6. Forget me not

This track is a little hard to remember which perhaps goes to show that it is not a very stand out track on here. I think the idea is that a bitch cheated on Deck and he's just generally reminiscing on the joint about it. The chorus is a bit weird sounding imo. I haven't found a taste for it YET at least.

7. Word on da street

This is a really good joint. Some people may be a bit disappointed by the start because it sounds like it is gonna go into a big exciting climax but it doesn't. That is the style of the track though, it is supposed to be like that. It just flows along real nice and deck puts down great vocals all along it. There is a club scene were the fire marshal "catches a beat down" and "hot pursuits down the side streets" which make this all the more worth listening to.

8. Elevation

This track is really deep and soulful. It is a track for those times when your life just seems to be passing before your eyes, a time when you just wanna reflect on the different eras of your life. It is the same beat used on one of Ghostface's Supreme Clientele joints. It seems that Deck is reflecting on this joint too, about his homie coming back from jail after being in for 5 years, some girl he knows losing her shape after having so many babies...basically saying how times have changed. Very reflective souful track all in all.

9. Lovin you

This is a love song, but DON'T SKIP! It is a good song with the backing vocals whispering "lovin you" in a womans voice and a chilled beat, deck describes his love for his girl of days gone by. La da Darkman also has a verse in this kinda like Ghostface, Rae and Cappa in "Jellyfish" on Fishscale.

10. Trouble man

Quite a funky beat on this one,
This is a deep and thoughtful track describing the life in New York. He describes his love of hood life and how he's a rebel to the core.

11. R.E.C. room

This is an okay joint, it is another one of deck's popular upbeat joints there is generally a party atmosphere on this. Not sure about the chorus going "Rec rec rec rec" but the verses are fairly nice.

12. Friction

Inspectah Deck spits fire on this joint, for example "never cease fire, from a street called desire" basically meaning he won't give up for what his desires and passions are. Masta Killa slows this track down a bit, but Deck's fast pace cannot be defeated. They compliment each other well, although Masta Killa's flow is just so slow it's boring sometimes! He might be one of those M.C.s which is better live than recorded. The chorus is nice on this joint as well.

14. Hyperdemix

This just signifies the eerie hardcore sound which Deck is capable of. This track is pure fire. Every verse is dope, a stand out quote from the top of my dome is "I take cash in advance and blast off on retrival" which sounds really straight up badass! Also the chorus on this one is dope "I can't, won't, don't stop rocking to the rhythem..." obviously I am not gonna type the whole verse but it flows so nicely and the message is strong. Every verse on this song is straigh fire.

15. Show and Prove

This song is meaningful and deep, touching on slavery, the devil and hood life. Deck says to beat the devil with the positive thoughts and to leave them in the dirt for the blood suckers to see. It is inspiring for anyone going through the struggle, the chorus singing "The power of god's in you". There is a message for the black man to rise up, as Deck raps "Son of man, knowledge wisdom and understand that it's time to take matters into our OWN hands". Very inspiring song.

16. The cause

This song is a fairly wet fish imo, no disrespect to deck. What you live for, is it the cause? This can be interpreted in to meaning do you live for what's important for you? What is your cause? See what I mean? Do you stand for what you believe in? Do you have determination to do what you believe in? I can understand the message of this song but it's not one that I instantly feel.

Overall I would give this album a 4/5 rating, there are plenty of dope joints on here and a few which might take an acquired taste. It demonstrates that Deck has his own style, incorporating upbeat happy tracks with eerie hardcore sounding rawness, love songs and inspirational songs. You do not have to be a Deck fan specifically to enjoy this album, you will just enjoy it because it is some dope shit, much like the album art and title suggest.

Shit I forgot longitivity

This song is a nice duo by Baby-U and the Rebel I.N.S., feeling quite epic with Deck declaring "In my time, I've seen a lot of people come and go..a lot of new faces been to a lot of new places" this statement sets the tone for the song. The chorus says "Not many last in the game, Wu-Tang coming through, blasting out the same way we came, this is not an act this is actual fact, nothing but experience placed upon tracks" which is a dope chorus and truth to be told it really gets you going. A dope song all in all.

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