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So much on my mind i just can't recline.
Mos Def wrote these words while rhymin about sunshine.
The most passionate always fall but most do not rise.
A pinch of evil is needed to open the eyes.
C in the dark no flame but a spark.
Which starts it all, a dead flame stirs over just one phone call.
I look up towards the heavens.
They ask how many knives thru my heart, i reply seven.
Seven months plus seven weeks plus seven days.
After church on a sunday i saw and smelled the purple haze.
Stood at the doorway of my room and said this is where her spirit lays.
The last place where the spark was seen.
When it left it became a flame who glowed forever green.
Seen in a distance noticed in an instant.
Swiped so many times but still i missed it.
Burn so bright in the night even wit my eye closed i can still see.
Fell back lied in my bed and felt her spirit fade.
When i thought it was here i am standin in its shade.
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