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Default Re: Method Man - Tical

Method Man's "Tical" was the first Wu general to release a solo album in 1994. This album contains a lot of the sound which was on the groups group debut, "36 Chambers." Here's my review on one of the grittest albums conducted.

Tical-5/5-Starts off really rugged. One of the grittiest, eeriest beats on the album. Method has a slow flow, but is really head nodding. A really good intro to the rest of the album

Biscuits-5/5-One of the best beats you'll hear from RZA. He had to have been severely dusted when he made this beat, because it's pure craziness. The bass is so sick, it's probably one of the best bass songs the Wu Tang in general has put out.

Bring the Pain-5/5-Another really smooth beat from RZA, but Method Man destroys it lyrically with this one. "Is it real son, is it really real son, want it raw deal son, if it's really real." He has such perpetuous flow.

All I Need-4/5-For a long time I didn't like the beat, but it has grown on me. This is a pretty banging song. It sounds like Streetlife is with Method Man on the chorus. Method says "Power U" a lot. Good song.

What the Blood Clot-4/5-Would be a 5 but Method drops short verses. Too much of the end is just talking except about Dirt fucking with a napkin on his dick, that cracks me up. Word has it RZA bought this album from Y-Kim? Well either way it's a dope beat.

Meth vs. Chef-5/5-One of the best beats on the album. RZA drops a crazy loop on this one. Now who wins the battle? I still think Raekwon did. Raekwon from 93-97 was one of the best ever. Method Man drops sickness though too.

Sub Crazy-3/5-Another incredible bassline. I don't love the beat that much but Method drops dope verses.

Release Yo Delf-5/5-Ahhh a great trumpet beat. RZA knows how to bring it. Method Man has his best verses on this song. Best song on the album right here.

P.L.O. Style-4/5-A grimey, gritty beat. RZA was on some shit with this beat. I love Fisk on this track. "Commercial rap, hate it with a passion." Who woulda thought Method Man would have released the Prequel some 10 years later.

I Get My Thang In Action-3/5-It's such a dark, gritty beat. It's almost surreal. A dope song but it's missing something to me. Should have had like a U-God verse or something but I think he was incarcerated at the time.

Mr. Sandman-5/5-This is classic 36 Chambers style right here. RZA has that crazy style he used for the first few years of Wu Tang. Dope verse from here, but Carlton Fisk was on some crazy shit, he killed this song. Actually, everyone on this song killed it.

Stimulation-5/5-I love the beat it seems real Kung Fu style. Dope beat. Dope verses by Method Man. This is a classic song. This would have been a good single I think.

Method Man Remix-3/5-Ok remix.


A near classic but it falls a little short.
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