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Default Re: KATRINA- The whole story..

I read all of that, it took some time, but it was pretty interessting imo. I don't think it's the truth, but I think it's always good to read how other people feel about things.
The FEMA part was the best. With only 60 active people working and the other working underground or whatever. This makes me think some things are hidden for the public, but I already knew that.
The racism of the media is always interresting. But I dont like small pictures of broken walls hehe, thats a lil paranoid imo.
And I still don't understand why people always gotta talk a little about WWII. I hate that shit. It's like, when you don't say anything about WWII it's fake, but when you mention WWII in just one or two lines, it's thr truth. It doesn't make sence and it doesn't relate imo.

Anyway a good read, thanks soul.

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