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Originally Posted by ALCATRAZ View Post
right, i agree ... but to be honest i think when he says things like that, he's just trying to hype his name up ... it's cheap and unsportsmanlike, but he does attract a big draw ... everything he does and says i always look at as a business move first, no one likes looking at a fighter as a businessman before a boxer, but floyd plays his cards right

yeah, unfortunately thats also true ... but to mayweathers defense he has already paid some dues ... not all, but some ... i'd like 2 see him fight mosley but even if he won they'd just bring out the grandpa argument, and when he beats pacquiao they will just say he was supposed 2 win because he was bigger ... if someone asked me who he should be fighting to add points 2 legacy, i'd say paul willimas would b the perfect contender
yeah paul williams would be literally the biggest contender for mayweather, he has the type of style that doesnt suit floyd, because floyd has never been truly tested against somebody that usually throws 100 punches per round, furthermore floyd never works too well against a high workrate fighter, so dismissing pacquiao would be illogical, his offense has improved immensily over the years and he can easily back floyd against the ropes.
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