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Default Re: KATRINA- The whole story..

the illuminati aren't going to start hurricanes, it would make it impossible to fly their black helicopters.

it also might anger their alien overlords, the overlords who are planning to take control of the planet on November 5, 2012 at the termination of the bimillenial lease which they granted to humanity in the year 0012, after Doc Brown (in cooperation with Nastradamus, David Duke, and Islord from Killarmy) travelled back through time in his Delorean and made a deal with them. It would not be a good idea to mess up the planet they plan to give back to the aliens in only a few years by throwing hurricanes all over the set, plus it also might anger alien-in-disguise Dr Phil who is controlling the minds of the masses using subtle twitchings of his moustache. A hurricane would surely cause his moustache to twitch uncontrollably and cause the masses to do crazy shit like put their pets in the toaster, something which would interfere with the microchips that have been put in toasters ever since the year 1956 when Fidel Castro in collaboration with a very young Donald Rumsfeld made a deal with toaster manufacturers who were being controlled through subliminal messages hidden in the personals section of the bimonthly toaster industry magazine, TOAST DIGEST.

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