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Default Re: KATRINA- The whole story..

if the "illuminati" exists, if a huge organization exists which controls EVERY aspect of life in the world, politics, science, military, tell me one thing: why is there not one single conclusive bit of evidence to support its existence? all that exists is hypothesis. you take one fact - such as a hurricane. you take a prejudice against the establishment. you put them together and you get the theory, that the establishment created the hurricane, because that satisfies your anti-establishment desires. you rearrange the facts in any way you possibly can to make possible seem like likely. you miss out facts that don't support it- like the hurricane costing the american economy (and hence, the bush administration) billions of dollars, or the hurricane destroying oil infrastructure (something i believe the bush administration is quite keen on), or the administration's response to the hurricane being very damaging to their political standing.

the illuminati is supposed to control politics, science, military, medicine, law enforcement....these are not backroom industries run by a few people. you need thousands upon thousands of specialized, trained individual people to run these industries. how come not one of them has ever come forward with even a slight hint of evidence of such an organization? how come no large numbers of doctors or scientists or law enforcement officers have ever "disappeared"? WHY is there ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to support the existence of the illuminati other than conjecture and hypothesis, which has been applied to facts for centuries by conspiracy theorists who virtually all turned out to be wrong? the only thing that would make the illuminati plausible would be direct, explicit telepathic mind control. which does not exist.

i reiterate - NIGGA PLEASE
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