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Default Re: KATRINA- The whole story..

who needs fact when you've got photoshop?

Originally Posted by soul controller
for the literate type asshole.. i have given u freemason motto's/ illuminati motto's
what do u want? do u want me to go to the grand lodge in washington and show u all but 2 presidents have been freemasons? lol
doesn't prove anything other than all but 2 presidents have been freemasons. the freemasons is an undemocratically elected cabal of powerful people who are known to interfere in world affairs to make themselves more powerful. they aren't a secret conspiracy using mind control and weather manipulation to kill all africans

Originally Posted by soul controller
not like if its anything like dec 21st when the 9 planets and the sun will be in 1 line to the centre of out solar system.. ( as the mayans said 6000 years ago.. but hey..thats a theory.. not like all the astrological events they said was gone happened. on the correct times and dates.. lol its coz they fucking had the knowledge.. unlike some..)
that's astronomy, not conspiracy theory pulled out of someone's ass....

Originally Posted by soul controller
bush pays what? man u idiot. tax dollars.. pay that shit. u the americans pay.. dont u see? who makes the cash? the people like cheney and bush snr and rumsfield and pearle who have major shares in the oil companys and the rebuilding contractors (haliburton and bechtel 0wnz yew ) not to mention the loans the so called govt of the free us will take out and thus make inflation even higher.. this shit aint brain surgery its happned countless times b4. history always repeats..
the bush administration's business connections will take advantage of the situation. that doesn't prove anything other than that they have limited ethics. the economic impact of the hurricane on the government is still overwhelmingly negative. this is simply fact

Originally Posted by soul controller
start with the bilderberg group. see who the members are and work fucking backwards..
like the freemasons, the bilderberg group are an unelected cabal of powerful people who meet to discuss their power and world affairs. this is not good. but it is still a long way away from being what you say it is. the existence of the bilderberg group doesn't prove the existence of the illuminati anymore than the existence of rats in your basement would prove the existence of lions in your basement.

i repeat: why is there not one single conclusive bit of evidence to support the existence of such an organization? all that exists is hypothesis and conjecture. there is absolutely no way a single entity could control every single aspect of life and not be revealed. this is just common sense.
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