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Default Re: Necro dissin Eminem

Originally Posted by bringoutthegimp
no he doesnt, youre either a necro dickrider or an eminem hater, its not like im even a fan of eminems, its just blatantly obvious that necro is nowhere near eminem and im pretty sure everyone here will agree, and this is coming from a fan of gory days and i need drugs (and also a huge fan of brutality)
^^^I'm not a Necro dickrider as you put it, or an Em hater, I'm a big Necro fan and also an Em fan, and personally I think Necro is a far better MC than Em, but it's only an opinion, to do have a fucking heart attack about it.

And although Necro does respect Eminem, it has been rumoured he has dissed him in several songs, but the disses have never been direct, so to speak.
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