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Default Re: KATRINA- The whole story..

This whole Illuminati thing is interesting. I'm convinced that the Illuminati is the postmodern god of the revolutionary. Not in terms of a New Testament forgiving, loving, caring god, or even a vengeful old testament god, but more so an adverserial god as seen in Greek mythology. The Illuminati is all knowing, all powerful, immortal. Though they didn't create the world, but they have the power to end it. Much like the Greek gods suppressed mortal pride and ambition, playing games with them and their souls, the Illuminati represents the same invincible force to those who'd wish to change the world. How dare man kill one of God's chosen? He knew you'd do it and will respond with 7 times the force. This hurricane, tornado, or other natural disaster is not the work of nature, but of God. Sometimes, the gods leaves the Olympus, disguised as mortals, delivering help to those who suit their purposes and causing trouble for their enemies.

So in this manner, those disillusioned and unsatisfied with the shape of the world keep themselves in check. Subconsciously, the Illuminati is a cautionary tale for them, along the lines of the numerous Greek tales of challenging the gods. Bottom line, you could handle all this Illuminati shit you see on the surface if you wanted to. Not one of them doesn't bleed. But of course, you'd then be cast out of society. You'd then be a target. You'd be a righteous man starting trouble in hell. You just might die. But realistically speaking, you refuse to act not only out of fear, but out of love for the Illuminati.

PS: Only wanna hear objections to that last point if you're typing them from Cuba.

yo check this picture of hurricane katrina- then check a native americans artistic view on what he see's in the picture and you'll come to realize the forces behind the hurricane- not disagreeing with your post but just showing you another point of view on the matter peace-
Jews caused the hurricane? Hmm...
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