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over dramatized yes. But those calls on scot pollard were bullshit. and that charging foul called on chris webber was complete bullshit.

I think the NBA needs to do something like the NFL where you are allowed to challenge a few calls per game. It might slow the pace down a little bit. But the networks and the NBA go too far to protect the credibility of the refs. Notice that when a controversial call is made, they often won't even show a replay because showing a replay may prove that the ref in fact made the wrong call. Notice that the refs are allowed to use replay footage. But i've even seen them fuck that up a few times such as the Bulls Bucks game this season when Brad Miller busted the game winning shot and the footage was not enough evidence to prove whether or not the ball was still touching Miller's fingertips, but the refs reversed the call anyways and gave teh benefit of the doubt to the Bucks when the Tie should always go to the shooter just like a tie goes to the runner in baseball.
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