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I'm a fan. E.1999 Eternal is a classic, Art of War was overlong and pretty much half filler (and half classic shit - Thug Luv is INCREDIBLE).. after that it took them a little while to get back up, but BTNHResurrection was 4/5, then they straight fell off with TWO (although I've heard it was label involvement that led to that particular version getting released).. they've been through a fair amount of shit and a few of their solo albums (Krayzie Bone's last 2 albums, basically) and 2 group albums have been worthwhile. Right now they're in the same spot as Wu-Tang as far as getting themselves back up - they need eachother, DJ-Uneek and a good label - so possibly signing with Full Surface is a step forward. They also need to resolve that shit with Bizzy one way or another, but I'm betting he won't be on the next Bone album. Hopefully their new album will be worth all the bullshit.
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