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This is a hard bar bazaar, the return of retarded art/
framed in Cardiers, the charred remains of a departed heart/
deported far away, onto the fareways of far away parts/
from project stairways to stargates, still the stargazer starves/
he stands on stilts and spits to stretch his arms to the stars/
armed to the teeth with bars that is raw, far above par/
carved on his forearm, he forewarns of harm like a vagrant czar/
he recalls an anxious call with which an ancient grave is marked/
it reads: "I came apart at a young age, my lungs craved/
clean air but knew that blunt haze would be there one day/
and some days went quicker with liquor to support my liver/
but after it passes just deliver my ashes to the Jordan River"/
alone I shiver at the thought of prophecies lost in translation/
brothas lost in train stations, mothers caught cocaine bassin/
jewels dropped into a truckstop drain basin, a safe-haven/
for a brazen maiden who turned her first trick to make payments/
to a pimp who got her into a crib and off the gray pavement/
made her feel like she ain't nameless, hair did and legs shaven/
but the pimp is just a kid wit his own history that's painstakin/
mama was enslaved to the heroin age, she died a aids patient/
all these taught me there's no such thing as people with prudence/
only evil and crudeness, narcissistic teachers and students/
greedy preachers reachin for loot, misreadin the blueprints/
bleachin the truth in ruthless pursuit of what power produces/
buildin towers to Zeuses, misleadin any coward who's clueless/
abusin they power to loosen a altar boy's collar, it's stupid/
they hollerin for tolerance, to err is human, to forgive divine/
that's exactly why in prison I was kickin molestors like they did it to one of mine...
Image is everything except the truth.
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