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mono grasshopper
Thumbs down wanna turn this forum into just anoter slanging match....i bet you're one of those cats that wastes their time calling people out on the youtube comments, thus making them pointless and here for some constructive feedback from like-minded artists and to hopefully improve my craft, plus to just have some fun with the battles....yeah, there is a slight clique mentality between a few, and there are some pure wu loving fans rather than individual artists....

but shit, maximus? he does his own thing...i mean i aint really checked alot of the stuff here, but im gonna be buildin with him...and i dont just work with anyone..

glad you didnt mention infinite slang. they deserve their props too..

the artists i mention aint from the uk either.....

its your blinkered ego that worries me most though..i mean, we all need some self-belief, but shit........
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