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Bobda Buildah shaolin monk

ill never quit you fake ass fuck.... music is my life. hey bronze fuckin battle me you geek.

fail #1. talking when you shouldnt.
fail#2. "its coming like a comet........." gay
fail#3. "the stained scriptures" extra gay
fail#4. all the energy you fuckin faggots put in to this thread....

be yourself bronze.god damn

ps. 7th your sample game is elementry..... stop trying to make excuses, like out of nowhere im cheating.....homie you where out created.. 2 of the first 3 battles i used movie samples as my intro, and a small one in iries battle.....this is the funny part, 2nd round 7th vs bob, 7th comes out of nowhere using a intro,gravediggas right? i come out one step ahead, i creat my ENTIRE own intro......what made you attemt to put voices on your intro....????were you tring to do some extra extra COMPETEING AGAINST BOB...??? as a beat maker you lak your own sound. eh 7th make a crunk beat, or a club beat,or a west coast beat,or a real east coast beat ,can you make anything out of the grimey limey genre. but 4 real what made you bite my battle style???
pss. the women in the beat once again was me you tard.......and if you cant ad synths how do you lace basslines..?????.once again make excuses old militant warrior. your just mad cause im not the first to call all you pussys out. anyways the entire thread was posted to hopefully piss off your faggot friend 12,and a couple of other idiots... i was hopin it would motivate them to come battle me...

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