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My quick sum up:
-Killa Cam ruined Popular Demand
-Keri Hilson should of been cut from All Eyes On Me - ya i know i will get some shit for this, but she fucked up their rhythm, they were on a fly "80s" flow, i felt that someone like...MC Lyte or Salt-n-Pepa should of sung the hook (beat goes hard) - maybe even throw in a verse or two
-Footsteps was brought down by the chorus
-This is no where close to Hell Hath No Fure lyrically
-Also, i felt they should of went with their more dark approach, instead of this pop shit
-Overall, The Neptunes did a great job with the production
-Malice & Pusha T did well adjusting to the beats
-TURN IT UP!!! The more you turn it up, the more you will like it.
-Let it grow

Top 5: Freedom, Kinda Like A Big Deal, Door Man (DAMN!!), Footsteps, Life Change

Grade: (3.25/5) B-
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