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Default Re: KATRINA- The whole story..

Originally Posted by ryanmeister
i don't neccisarily belive in illuminati, but knowing sociology you're stupid to pretend like the rich don't control the poor. there are bloodlines too. would it suprise me if this kind of shit went on? no. look at how private government is. soul controller, this is good shit, and i do think katrina is at the very least being played for everything its worth. if you look at the drop of funding for the past 20 years, the no bid contract to halliburton, the 200 million proposed to rebuild, the thousands of blacks in concentration camp like settings, the fact that the poor suffered the most, the fact that all government legistlators were on vacation, at the time of, and during the aftermath, you know, you just gotta wonder. i think this is not only debatable, it is sick that it is even possible to be debatable. and that my friends, is the main point of this arguement.
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