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I aint that good at this, but I felt for some reason I had to.
Some Nights

Some nights my mind thinks too much
Even when i try to get my thoughts in a tight clutch
It hurts when I remember about the past
fighting, hoping that the pain won't last
but still some memories I like to recollect
THESE nights are when i wish we never met
I chill playin blues tryin to forget
see, you don't understand my confusion in these nights
it's like trying to write in the night without lights
i always hope for improvement as the night goes on
even though the next day i know i'll be singin the same song
it feel like it won't come to an end
i then seek for some joy, try to talk to a friend
but i end up talkin about the memories in some manner
if only i could mellow down in a better manner
the truth is, it'll always be like this, it seems
so these nights i have to think untill i start to dream
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