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1. freedom - banging beat, heavy drums, one of pushas best verses ever, malice kills it, great opening record!!!!!

2. popular demand - incredible beat, incredible mixing, each emcee has an entirely different approach to the beat, cam was kinda rough, but malice cleaned this shit up to finish it!!!! clipse classic!!!!!!

3. kinda like a big deal - incredible instrumental!!! the live instrumentation gives it a lot of energy, and pusha dominates his first verse with a lot of presence and potent bars!!!! his delivery is becoming incredibly varied, his skillset is already sharp and still growing!!!!! coulda done without kanye, hes not bringing the same caliber of rhyme as push and mal but the track works regardless!!!!!! shits crack!!!!!!

4. showing out - really like the beat, inventive, drums go missing during the verses, cool breakdown inbetween some serious bars!!!!! gottis alright, one dimensional emcee that stays in his lane!!!! malic has one of the best verses on the album here, that shit deserves a hip hop quotable!!!!! sounds like mal was talking directly to the label heads with that shit!!!!!

5. im good - this is a great examlpe of push and mal dumbin down their delivery and lyrics, heavy drums on a beat that doesnt move me, annoying pharrel vocals throughtout the track, reaching for a hit, pass!!!!! this is a different side of clipse id rather not hear!!!!!

6. there was a murder - khalil, again, merking the track with the mix of sonic funk and live instrumentation!!!! his tracks breathe, real lively tracks and push comes through again showing off with the delivery dropping anti snitch barbs in a carribean accent that works!!!! takes a while to get started, but they both kill it on some late night crime story shit!!!!!

door man - heavy beat, heavy bass, heavy lyrics!!!! strong hook, and both push and mal fuck this track inside out!!!! this woulda fit on hell hath no problem, pusha versatility verse to verse really impressed me on this album!!!! this track on a high end car system is demo quality!!!!!!!!

never will it stop - this is cocaine flip clipse, first verse gets bodied with a flawless flow, weaves effortlessly over a funky ass beat that, decent liva verse, malice eats it whole on clean up!!!! high energy track, get you up type shit!!!!!

all eyes on me - worst clipse track of all time!!!! trance beat, phoned in verses, dumbed down deliveries, hollow trance beat, corny guest vocals!!!!! terrible!!!!!!

counselling - some smoothed out traditional neptunes shit, relationship rhymes that make sense!!!!! decent record, not running to replay it though!!!!! for the shorties!!!!!!

champion - kind of a messy record, weak hook, beat sounds a lot like "im good", heavy drums, push coming at the track on some glossy shit, mal on the head strong conscious rhymes!!!! its a cool record to slide to radio, havent really heard clipse approach many tracks like they did this one!!!!

footsteps - and were back to regular clipse programming!!!! another crack beat from khalil, sons drums are vicious on this album!!!!!! push kills it, mal kills it, what else you need to know!?!?!

life change - sums up the album perfectly!!!! this album marks a change in the clipse dynamic, the content has been opened up and expanded ten fold!!!! life hits hard and can change a mans perspective, push and mal drive the point home!!!! top shelf neptunes track, incredible mixing once again!!!!!!

overall this album is dope, it has a 3 track skid starting with "all eyes on me" but rebounds!!!! im really lookng forward to the next clipse project, push and mal are 2 seperate trains of thought at this point, compared to when they were almost the same voice on lord willin!!!!!! the dynamic is changing, itl be interesting to follow from here!!!! strong album, cop it!!!!!!
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