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Originally Posted by Sean View Post
Yeah I know sha, he hasn't spoken to be about this though. I should be able to get it done within the next few days

And yeah I made the Cuban Linx 2 cover

Respect! well, do u got a portfolio page or somethin? Id like to peep your other work if possible as well. Ive done a little work in the past myself with design and what not. for anyone interested heres a sample of some work i did:

yeah so you can see that conventionally its not like most other graphic designers style but its definitely nice right? Unfortunately I did not get to finish the GFK in time too submit it for the album cover, but to this date I still consider it to be one of my better pieces of work. so if anyone else wants to get theyre shit design you can also hollar at me (I probably wont do it unless you are offering a rediculous amount of money but theres nothing i can do about that sorry). and for the most part I gave up the graphic design game to give the younger cats a chance to come up. anyways thats all besides the fact. just thought I woud share some heatery!

and yo sean, Im not tryin to get it rushed done, just do your thing man n pm if anything. peace!
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