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War and Peace prodigal sonWar and Peace prodigal sonWar and Peace prodigal sonWar and Peace prodigal sonWar and Peace prodigal sonWar and Peace prodigal sonWar and Peace prodigal son

My eyes close, time froze my soul like a sublime blindfold/
I undergo exposure of lies told on my own unkind road/
came from the cold caves to the place where my soul’s saved/
I’ve wrote plays since birth and the earth is my whole stage/
I don’t age, matured since the old days of Smith n Wesson/
cocaine and road rage, I was a sold slave to imperfection/
a livin lesson, a legend in my own rite, like a dim reflection/
of Christ on my cold plight, that’s why I spit aggression/
my soul’s cold, but snow white, until I get my pension/
to live in heaven for my whole life, into the fifth dimension/
in the presence of my cold wife, also my kids’ affection/
did I mention I was a lowlife, but bold like a interjection/
a slave sold at low price, owned twice by pigs inspection/
that’s where my road spliced, I had to pick which direction/
my selection was holy wealth, my soul and body’s health/
chose to be my godly self, now I can’t be nobody else...

For I am me - The one who flows to hold his soul at peace/
And I am he - The son whose known to roll his dro in Sweets/
And I was him - Whose gun he holds would blow at foes indeed/
I could’ve been - The young and bold who sold they soul to greed/
But I am me - The one who holds to Jason’s golden fleece/
When I was he - a bum who rode a vagrant’s road to Greece/
And would’ve been - Among the clones who play the roll of sheep/
But I will be - The one opposed to those who toast the beast...


Picasso murdered the whole forum!!


'Forked tongue make painful kisses...........and fam, when you talk, then the angels listen.'
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