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Default Re: old nick shows Tribute

My shows were:

Are You Afraid of The Dark - The clown episode had me shook for awhile.

The Wonderful World of Alex Mack - What happened to her? Her black friend was in John
Legends "Ordinary People " video.

All That - Remeber these skits: Repair Man Man Man, The Library Lady, "SHHHHHHHH, there's no talking in the library. Kel loves orange soda, Keenan putting ketchup on everything. They're special musical guest was great too.

Legend of The Hidden Temple - I used to dream of being on that game show.

Ren and Stimpy - That was some weird funny shit.

Animalmorphia (sp?) - These group of kids used to morph into animals, then save the day by using their animal senses.

Wow this thread bring back memories.
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