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Don't Kill The Messenger But The One Who Sent The Message
Fear Of Resistance Hesitates My Convictions
Secret Wishes Distinguished
Realities Win With The Upper Hand
Slayin' With Out Care
Who's Left To Fear
I Solemnly Swear
It Took Forever To Arrive Here
How Does It Dare
To Remain Unfair
The Father And The Son
Lessons From The Past
Thoughts Changing So Fast
Rapid Rearranging
Fear Of Deranged Accusations
His Tortured Soul
I Continue To Burn
Wallowing In Everything Firm
A Powerful Force
Pulled By The Undefeatable Horse
Oh Of Course
Directional Dictation
As Faces Face It
Four Corners Of The Earth
Bringin' Forth The Unstoppable Force
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