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A Lifelong Intuition At Halt
Temptations Sister Is At Fault
Life's Journey Stuck On End
Driving' Into A Dead End
Heaven's Directional Pull
Through Lyrical Awareness
And Beating Bass Lines
The Temptress Hums In Silence
The Father's Resemblance
Four Corners Bring Forth The Truth
Fighting For Yourself To Lose
You Don't Have To Choose
Read From Your Written Mind
My Online Adventures I Can Not Hide
Ryding Till I Die
Forever I Still Haven't Lied
The Son And The Sister Will Cease
And Exist Within The Crease Of The Light
Four Corners Ready To Take Flight
Who Wanna Battle
The Snakes Rattle
Slithering Liquid Through The Vessels
Movin' Quicker Than Air
When You See Within The Stare
Sunless Spots Drops The Spirits Into Despair
How Long Have We Been Hiding Here
We Must Rise
Align The Stars
Set Forth The Skies
Gods Existence Is On The Rise
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