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Default Re: "Sicka vs OG Kane" 'tournament'

Basicly, I thoroughly read both of your verses and you both had great punches, but Sicka lacked any kind of flow, and I know flows can mean less in text battles, but it's still gotta be there. Overall, Sickas verse was good, but it really didn't touch OG's. Shit, reading that shit... it made me think of when duke first posted one of his raps on Methical, on some N-W-A-type shit, hard but not that lyrical. Now look at his shit, punches are phenomonal, flow is on point and overall Sicka got murdered. Reading Sicka's verse - I ain't think anyone could touch that shit 'cause the punches were strong, but OG did, and he did it with style.

This line was next level, muthafuckaz... some of y'all should be takin' notes:

Originally Posted by OG Kane

I’m that fuckin head chopper, your bitches bed rocker
watch ma sledge knock ya head off ya neck.. ‘’doctor!’’

Vote = OG Kane

Props to both MC's though, gripping battle, that's what we like to see. ONE
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