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Originally Posted by GreenBee
Its Up To You Bro/Sis. Just Read Your Mind. Script Then Spit. Record That Shit. I Got Your Back On Track And The Street. Remember What I Said If I Die.

lol i replied to you like this cause you sent me ^this message in a pm as well posted it in this thread. you copied your message, not answering the question i had for you in my pm... but you asked for a pm, holding your email adress up all the time... thatīs why i sent you one. hm... now look how friendly you are . turned from "i got your back brovas!" to "fuck you all faggots!" in one day... hm.. donīt seems like you really that brave hearted you tried to make us belief. no problem man. the bee in your sig looks cool smh, thatīs not the point... come again and donīt copy and paste pleese / peas ;-)
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