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ok i hate the mothafuckas that be dissin on me in highschool/
but you know they'll be backin' me up if i ever get famous/
cause when i am they'll end up being the lamest/
and i'll be shure to keep em' out the circle cause now they think im cool/
they'll look at me and know i ain't a tool/
and then get dropped like a fool/
i'll be gettin high and fuckin' they hoes/
thats the way it goes/
paybacks a bitch/
and if they still on me like an itch/
time to get the hands out and get in some hits/
'cause brandon don't play that shit/
no haters,or lames on my ship/
a one way ticket to death if you ever get on it/
don't ever forget to read the sign/
unless you blind/
or just dumb/
then prepared to get your head rung/
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