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Default Re: 444trumpets Thread

Yo Trumpets, None Of Your Raps Are Conclusive
At Least When I Challenged You, You Made A Little Improvement
If Your Clips Are Pulled Back Im Responding Back
Watch It Blow Up In Your Face You Aint Bombing Jack
You Gotta Have Some Nerve To Say Youll Let Me Slide
You Fucked Up When You Did That You Just Gave Me Your Life
Ill Ignite That Aint No Wind Bein Blown By You, You Frontin
The Real Trumpets Sounded Off Back 4 Summers Ago
You Nothin So Stop It With Your Dummy Flow
The Only Way You Change My View If You Write Somethin Better Yo
The Bible Aint Teach Me How To Rap It Reconfirmed That
Which I Already Knew What I Already Do Say I Aint On Point
But I Am That I Am But You Aint And Now My Point Has Been Proved
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