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Originally Posted by SID View Post
Nah dude. Let me tell you...

I have a long history with becky.

I was in her graphic deisgn class two years ago but i dropped it to work for graphic deisgn company.

I applied again recently and we hit it off.

We have a lot in common, taste in music and drugs and just general creative spirits.

We had a lot of sexual tension built up over the years, i wanted her badly.

We had a one on one session before i got exluded and it was like the graduate type shit, undercover sexual levels.

That whore new there was something in the air and wanted to destroy my chances of attaining the best trophy a young male of my age could ever attain

"sleeping with your teacher"

But yeah "fuck that school" my sentiments exactly.

so she put a restraining order on you??

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