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TheBoarzHeadBoy drunken mastaTheBoarzHeadBoy drunken masta

Wow, Sid you must be as repulsive as you look if your teacher got offended like that.

Me and my buddies always try to flirt with young teachers. I've asked them out before. They laugh and play it down like normal people cause I'm not threatening or whatever it is that made her want to call the police.

Its good sport. We also creep the hell out of male teachers by playing up how awesome we think they are in class day and night until they think we're fucked in the head. Like my physics teacher we all say is awesome, and we always compliment his feathered hair, agile physique, and his ability to fly (he's one of those lanky guys who kind of looks like a bird.) But they do it in other classes too and make their teachers mad because they're always talking about him.

We also always make homo suggestive comments (subtle though so they don't get mad) about the teachers we know are attractive to girls and make them feel awkward. I've often asked my English teacher (whos like the 30 year old hot teacher all the girls want to bang) if he wants to come to parties with us (which he pretends not to here and continues with the lesson) and I've been tempted but have yet avoided asking if he'll buy us beer.

But I'm a bro, and I role with athletes, so people don't think I'm going to date rape them and know I'm kidding.
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