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thatKid shaolin monk

iniq's a whack punk, couldn't lift weight in space
kids straight staying on ass in this like a wheelchair race
so how think you come correct, awakening to his death
couldn't collect puzzle pieces, so how you expect to connect
I'm kicking raps up sky high, you a drama queen
you went from battling queers to fulfilling cinderellas dream
congrats faggit, I'm staying with the belt around my waist
only time you come out with the V. when you copy and paste
I've come for ya head even though its midget size
only time you fists connecting with french fries
giving you fillers but still enough to knock kid out
couldn't drop as a cloud, can't defeat me as I shout
and I've done enough to beat you when the time comes
cause bitch, only time you getting money chilling with bums
I tried giving you props, but you done and wasted my time
leave me bloody? motherfucker couldn't knockout a mime

I think its 16 lines. Just got really bored. Your turn.
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