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Default Re: Gay Wu-Tang stuff

haha but yo check out all this gay shit gzas saying on labels

So look out for F&W, the faggot and the wanker
Breakin' down your PANTS
As I bend MC's out with a blow that'll numb the
p-ppenis, I'm holdin more more gays than COLUMBIA
Finger INTERSCOPE, we YMCA. clan
That's comin' with a plan to get an
sex-slave of a mental orgasm MC don't panic
Throw that A&R nigga off the bed in the world that FANTASTIC
Now who's the sexy BAD BOY character, not infected by my AIDS
But firin' straight men not released on GAY ENTERTAINMENT
So duck as I cum on the dick of MICHAEL
You're Naughty, like that Richard Simmons
It's gettin romantic

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