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we gotta think posotive like common/
we can't be out there in other country just bombin'-
other ppl because whats the cream worth for taking anothers life/
i mean come on we had to go through same stuff the struggle and strife/
what were the crusades?/
same thing we doin now except we throwin grenades/
what was the holocaust?/
same thing they do in sudan and chad whats the cost/
and over here like pac said we killin' eachother/
we gotta love everyone treat one another like our brother/
the white ppl that don't like us and grew up thinkin' we were dangerous/
they will be happy if we kill eachother cause of someone who has a bigger chain or a better car/
i don't want that we came to far/
walt and warner bros. been stereotyping us back in the forties/
i couldn't imagine what it was like being black in the forties/
we got it easy/
but the government gving us guns and drugs/
so they could lock a nigga up cause they think we thugs/
see? that shits still around/
we need to stop before our population dwindles down-to none/
and it takes a whole nation but starts with just one/
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