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Default Re: Gay Wu-Tang stuff

Originally Posted by Knicks

lets see someone do decks verse from
Couldn't resist trying this one as a challenge:

I bum methodically socrates cock could please
there's no stopping me from behind for cocks I drop to my knees
in the bottom please rhythmically arse torn harmed by throbbing meat
Put it in the slot I need possibly a big cock in me
Anal scarred slow cum explosion when my penis hits
He then licks too often in my eye n I'm blind from mens dicks
I inspect you karma sutra see semen from bell end
Killer queens solid dicks please put my meaty fat one in
Rattlin these asses with massive cracks like elastic
Graphically gay felt the steel of black dicks
Black wu cracks queens ease then cum in
Ready to score take it out once inside the door
His dick hit the floor I said big man I demand more
It felt cold to hold ya control and probe slowly
Proceeds to blow so get ya cock out and show me
Chomp down and pound big dicks ove solid cock
Wu got it locked performing live on your hottest cock
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