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Braindead Village Idiot

It's Braindead, but don't claim higher intellegence, before aquiring evidence,
you just write rhymes, I write testaments,
you should admire my ellegance,
with the pen performing experiments with mind blowing conclusions,
the pestillence puts an end to your dillusions,
I'm patient zero, the reanimated corpse of an ancient asian hero,
amazing verbal soldier holds a sword especially soldered,
to swiftly sweep your head from your shoulders,
your like a chicken headless running from the battle,
stepping to me you must be mad diseased cattle, beef that gets slashed with the battle axe,
by a abstract rap brat hungry for a battle rap but I'm just up against a chump,
a snack, a small brunch, as i sit in my chamber fiending for monster munch,
for now i stay beneath the surface small fish attacking,
with written lyricism hidden deep as the kraken,
deadly ink spilling in my think tank,
set to charge C4, your ship sank,
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